All About L’s: The Important L’s in the Harry Potter Universe


I know what you’re probably thinking… Why stick with just one letter when I can do a full head on Harry Potter from A-Z. Well there’s Harry Potter Lexicon and this Buzzfeed list for that. It’s a rather complex paradox if we are going with the A-Z’. So to keep it simple and sweet, we are only doing one letter at a time. (By the way, did you know that Daniel Radcliffe rapping the Alphabet Aerobics pops out when you google search “Harry Potter Alphabet”?)

I wanted to be original, but I probably would not have made any sense at all. What is with the letter “L” in the Harry Potter universe? Is there some kind of deeper meaning behind all the L’s, or it just proves that I am loony as well? No, it’s as easy to understand as the basic numbers. The light shed on their importance is a whole other aspect. Is it really that important than any other letter? Yes, it is.


Why he matters: Where else do you find a villain with a great development other than the Harry Potter franchise? Have you ever read or seen anything like it? How do you make people fear you for seven books and eight movies? This is where Voldemort comes in. The Dark Lord is indeed the most powerful foe that anyone could ever face. Without him, we could have not gotten 7 books full of amazing wizardry and magic. If not for him, it would have been all for nothing. The fandom would have nothing to boast regarding its villain, and yet we have He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. We hate him, but it’s a ground that we dare not step in because the universe deserves a good villain like him. (Yes, I have seen the big franchise, so I know what I am talking about.)


Why she matters: Though the Harry Potter universe does not lack in the case of diversity, presenting Luna into the world within its array of characters added a level of spark. Luna is a special edition in the franchise. She gives the fun in magic. She understands the weirdness in it all, proving that not all Ravenclaws are to be put in this one gigantic stereotypical loop. She is a great witch, who proves she knows something and that people should just know how to listen. It actually has a nice ring to it, but in a cool way. Be loony like Luna, because everything gets better that way.


Why the spell matters: 

It comes from the Latin word lumen which means “light”, and is one of the essential spells that a witch or a wizard must learn. You may not know it, but this spell appears often than we notice. Harry uses it in his time of need, especially in The Prisoner of Azkaban. This spell is quite powerful since it even overpowers Dementors. Without this light spell, how would wizards and witches even cope with the darkness? It may be a simple spell, but it is an essential for everyone.

See without these L’s in the Harry Potter universe, it would not be complete. We would have lost the true thrill of a magical coming-of-age story without a brilliant villain. We would not have known the true meaning of being you if not for a certain witch. And we might not have known what light shines upon us without a simple spell.

What other important L’s did I miss? Let’s chat below.


14 thoughts on “All About L’s: The Important L’s in the Harry Potter Universe

  1. I’ve been curious about this post ever since I saw the title haha. I think you did such an excellent job with it.
    My favourite L has to be Luna, I am so in love with her, something that does not often happen for characters I only meet halfway through the series. The world would be a happier place with more Lunas in it.
    Thank you so much for joining Potterhead July!

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  2. Who knew you could get so much from one letter? I tried to think up some and the best I could do was ‘Love’ hahah so kudoos to you for coming up with what you did. And it’s so true that Lumos is a spell that’s used a lot and I liked what you said about overpowering Dementors because I had completely forgot it could be used like that!

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  3. Huh, what a fun idea! Lord Voldemort is okay as a villain, and certainly makes the series what it is. (Alas, I feel like he’s an unbearably flat character, actually. LOL.) Lumos is also a good one! I especially think it’s fun because of how it was a big part of the intro to the third movie. If I were going to add something to this list, I would definitely add lycanthropy to talk about Professor Lupin’s experiences as a werewolf and also how it incorporates characters like Fenrir Greyback and Bill Weasley into the equation.

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  4. Lily is another character that comes to mind whose name starts with an L. I thought of Lavender too, but of course, I’d rank Lily first in importance, being the reason Harry survived as a baby and all.

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