The Loveliest Community: A Message to PH Bloggers


This is part of #TheThanksUGive, an event hosted by Mishma of Chasing Faerytales and Hazel of Stay Bookish. It is where we give thanks to things we are grateful for. Even though we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines, it’s nice to join in the holiday fun once in a while.

Let’s just be clear that even if this letter is directed to the Filipino book blogging community, I adore each and every person who is kind enough to interact with me. You always make me smile and you make my day lovelier. I’m sorry if I don’t respond to your comments fast enough, but I hope I can make up for it once the hectic part of my college life is over. To the friends that I have made in this community, do know that you have a special place in my big, fat, fangirl heart. 😘

Also, I have been wanting to express my gratitude to the wonderful book bloggers that I have interacted with this year. Case in point: all of the lovely book bloggers here in PH. So here is my message that is addressed to you all, but a little bit more personalized. I am a really sappy person, so I am already warning you. Haha. ❤

To you my dear,
You are such a lovely person. I am so blessed to be a part of this lovely community because you are also in it.

With you around, it is such a great experience to be a blogger. The reason that I continue to strive and create lovely content is because I consider you as one of my senpais. Well, it’s technically defined as someone in a higher year but you get the idea that I look up to you. I know that I still have a lot to learn, and you are so kind and approachable to talk to. You are so talented. I really admire your blog because I was inspired to start my own blog when faith led me to visit your blog before.

I may or may not have met you this year, but I hope we could interact soon. If I have met you this year, I really hope we could see each other again. It’s heart warming to finally see you in person, because you are cooler “in the flesh”. I may not have been talkative, but do know that I was really happy inside. I do a lot of talk here, but I am usually quiet when I leave the comforts of my keyboard. It was super fun to just be with the people who know what I am talking about.

And if I have not met you yet this year, I’m always hoping that I could bump into you if I attend a signing or two. Maybe at an event, and hopefully I will have the courage to say hi this time. *kicks introvert self* Sorry, nasa-starstruck lang talaga ako sa inyo, swear. Para akong nakakita ng artista kasi nga idol ko kayo. 😂

Hopefully, I could talk to you soon. Hopefully, the words that come out of my mouth are not gibberish so you could understand what I am saying. It has been a great year, and everything bookish-related made this year less of a madness.

I hope you keep on doing what you love. I hope that you continue to share your lovely thoughts to the world. I am always here if you need a friend, or if you just need someone with a lot of fandom knowledge to talk to. You are a wonderful person and the community is so much brighter because you are a part of it. Continue to inspire other people like me. Thank you for being such a gem.

Lots of love,

Okay, I warned you about the cheesiness. Now, let’s all be thankful. *hugs*