Movie Musical Recommendations


Welcome to a random blog post with a possibility of returning but I decided not to officially say that it is a part of my nerdy blog. I have been feeling under the weather lately, (probably because it practically rains here every night) and it has lead me to watch a lot of movie musicals. Then it occurred to me: I should probably share this wonderful warm feeling that the musicals have given me.

Roll call:

Singin’ In The Rain (1954)


Starting off with a delightful piece of classic Hollywood musicals, this wonderful piece of craftsmanship can make the blues go away. You will learn to love the rain and you’ll be happy when it pours. From the amazing and marvelous talents of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor, a movie such as this will put your heart on a warm summer day. Just think, nothing gets better than Singin’ In The Rain. It’s on the top of a movie junkie’s seen list so make sure you watch it as soon as possible. I mean, it’s practically like a sunny day.

Moulin Rouge (2001)


You would be surprised with this shocker. I have always wanted to watch this movie when I was a kid but the premise that sticked to me was that I thought it was a romantic movie like Notting Hill. Little did I know, the Moulin Rouge is the happiest place to be. If you don’t swoon on a young Ewan McGregor, (young Obi Wan-Kenobi, nerds) then I don’t know what will. I always say this, but frankly speaking and I mean this in a good way: it’s like a movie version of drugs. It is so fast-paced that I felt high watching it. Besides the fact that it is all doomed in the end (not exactly a spoiler because the main lead says it in the first few minutes), it is frankly the best musical mash-up that my eyes have ever seen.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)


Fun fact: The girl who played Christine Daae was only 17 when the film was made. Easily one of the classics that you should definitely choose when planning to watch a musical, The Phantom of the Opera delivers a stunning performance. Despite getting a mix of positive and negative reviews from the press, I found the songs engaging and delightful that I decided to compile it in a playlist. Swoon over Gerard Butler and the creepy orchestra music. I love this movie to bits.

Les Miserables (2012)

Now who has not heard of this majestic piece of cinematography? Not only will it captivate you into reading about the French Revolution or the book itself (which is so long), but it will also get you in the mood to marathon history movies. When I watched this during my 3rd year in high school, I remember crying when it ended. It was so magnificent that I just wanted to be in the movie. They may have sang the whole thing, but quite frankly, it is the factor that made this movie unique.

Any more movie musical recommendations you might want to add? Just to add, The Sound of Music deserves a list of it’s own. *double winks*