#Project14Lists: Best Movies I Watched in 2018

This is the strangest morning before Christmas that we’ve ever had. We’re not even preparing a Christmas dinner… which is odd but in return gave me the time to actually sit down and type this blog post. Oh well. Anyways, it’s Day 6 for me doing Project 14 Lists! This lovely event is organized by the one and only Shealea from That Bookshelf Bitch. The goal of this wonderful event is to write and post a bookish list every day from December 18th to December 31st, leading to a total of 14 lists. A challenge indeed and a challenge accepted. (But I’m running behind lol)

For today’s list, and since it’s the 24th, I want to be a little festive. For the next two days, I’m going to be sharing my best of 2018 in various forms. However, the best of the best is reserved for the end of this challenge so we can at least end this year with a bang haha. Today, I’m listing down the best movies that I have seen in 2018. Originally I wanted to share at least 10 but according to my stats, I only have 6 movies that I rated a full 5 stars. As much as I would love to include my 4.5’s, I got 20. At least I can enunciate myself and elaborate why I love these movies very much. Also as I’ve noticed with my last post, a lot of you were asking for some movie recs / best movies that I saw for this year. I hope this list clears that up. 😉 Let’s get to it!

The Help (2011)

proxyI had to watch this movie for my World Literature class. Sometimes it’s a bore doing papers, but this movie changed the game and I have never had that much fun in writing a critical analysis. I honestly didn’t know what to expect because while I know it tackles racism, all I knew was the reputation that this movie gained in my old circle as that one movie with the poop pie. (No joke, because high school and ignorance.) But after watching it, The Help made me feel all kinds of emotion – anger, relief, restlessness, sadness, and contentment. I was blown away by everyone’s performance, especially Viola Davis’. It was something else with what it wants to convey, and I was deeply moved with the story it presented. While I still have questions with the entire premise of the movie in general, this movie just hit me real hard. So if you haven’t seen this one yet, THEN WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE??

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

the-grand-budapestIf I probably didn’t see this available on Netflix, it would’ve taken me years of convincing to try and watch this movie. To my luck, I was just that into whatever floats my boat. That random decision of mine introduced a whole other dimension that is Wes Anderson’s filming style, technique, and method. Watching The Grand Budapest Hotel made me feel surreal, like I was witnessing a painting come to life. My eyes lit up the moment I saw the pastel colors that encompassed the screen. There’s always a certain focal point, an array of characters, and a dash of exaggeration. It was like the screen didn’t want me to miss a single detail, and I loved every aspect of it. I can finally see why everyone’s like, “Hey have you watched that new Wes Anderson yet? I MEAN DUH YOU HAVE TO.”

Coco (2017)

coco_ver6_xlgWho doesn’t love a good animation? I was only able to see it this year because I avoided Coco like the plague. Why? I don’t know… because I have feelings like a normal human being and Pixar’s life force is actually human tears and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction? Kidding aside, celebrating Dia de los muertos* will always have a place in my heart and any story dealing with family, loss, and remembering will make me shed a bucket of tears. Miguel’s journey to self-discovery through learning more about his family was funny and full of shenanigans, but it was also heartwarming and unforgettable. (DARN IT, I’m remembering it again. 😭) But seriously though, don’t be like me. Coco deserves all of the accolades that it has received and for a good reason. You can never go wrong with this one.

*We also have a dedicated “Day of the Dead” here in the PH, usually on November 1st.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Murder-on-the-Orient-Express-poster-3-600x888Just to be clear, I haven’t read the book. I love a good mystery, and I actually spoiled myself before watching this movie. I know who did the killing, but it was the investigation and the execution of the crime that made me chime in until the end. I have the simplest pleasures in life. While some panned this movie, I enjoyed all of it. In fact, I managed to see it twice because I was in awe. While the acting can be a bit better, it’s the cinematography and the use of colors that really had me hooked. I really hope they do another one because I’ll take it over any day.

Black Panther (2018)

black-panther-posterProbably one of the best decisions that I made this year was to convince my best friend (and movie buddy) to watch Black Panther while it was still in theaters. I’m more of a DC fan actually, but after the underwhelming mumbo jumbo that is Suicide Squad and Infinity War looming ahead then, I decided to catch up and watch this movie. Now, if you will excuse me, I will be screaming for a bit.

GUYS THIS MOVIE IS JUST AMAZING. THE WOMEN IN THIS MOVIE WERE ALL STELLAR AND I JUST WANT THEM TO ALL BE DEEMED QUEENS. I am really all for the conflict in this movie, because damn Killmonger had some strong points and T’Challa had to choose between tradition and cementing himself as a king in his own right. Would you believe that it’s the first time I actually really REALLY enjoyed a Marvel movie?? Okay, borderline is: watch it. If you already did: AGAIN.

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (2018)

Goyo_Ang_Batang_Heneral_poster(English title: Goyo: The Boy General) For everyone else, Goyo is a historical film about one of the youngest generals here in my country whose name is Gregorio del Pilar. It continues a chapter in the Philippine-American War, concluding in the Battle of Tirad Pass. After the fiery Heneral Luna in 2015, Goyo easily became one of my most anticipated movies since the lead actor for the movie appeared in the mid-credits scene of the previous film. (It works like the Marvel Cinematic universe with the teaser in the end and all.) Though calmer in tone and in color, Goyo still asks the same questions presented by its predecessor. But this time rather, it asks the question of what really makes one an idol and a hero. Not only did it kill it with the historical accuracies and the technical aspects (and liberations for that matter), but it also left audiences in awe, thinking how deeply entertwined a historical film was with the climate of today’s society. I honestly can’t wait for the third movie in this series because the studio that makes these movies just gets it. If you’re interested in seeing a Filipino film, I highly recommend this one and its predecessor film Heneral Luna (2015). You can watch this movie alone, but seeing Heneral Luna gives it more of an impact.

Alright, everyone. 😊 That’s my list for today. I hope I was able to share the feels with you all with these favorites of mine. Or if not, hopefully I gave you an idea or an extra push to finally watch these movies. I just love the warm feeling after watching a really great movie. Hope you can join me again tomorrow for the usual programming? 😉

What are some of the best movies that you have seen this year? What do you think you’ll definitely watch next year?