Fangirl Corner: 5 Stages of Fangirl Nostalgia


(aka the stages of suddenly remembering a fandom that you have not caught up with in ages) This has been partially inspired by Leigh Lahav’s video, The 5 Stages of Fangirling.

Stage 1: Remembering


There are all sorts of things that can make you remember what was once forgotten. We all have moved on to different fandoms and have switched from here and there, but something suddenly triggers you to remember the one. They have been long gone from your radar. Sort off like an friend that you were really close with but time made you drift apart. Since you remember it now, you incessantly Google the other things that will pull you to rekindle your lost love with this fandom.

Stage 2: Sticking


Apparently this is the stage where your old self suddenly comes back. Suddenly, you’re stuck with playing your favorite song/album from them on loop. You have spent the day watching the first 2 seasons of your first favorite tv series. Or worse, you have been watching the same movie because you feel like there’s nothing good to watch.

Stage 3: Crying


Nostalgia comes with tears. There’s that fact that your favorite boy band is still on hiatus. Your favorite anime / tv series is still eternally stuck with just one season because the network discontinued it. Your favorite actor hasn’t made movies since forever. Why is the world so cruel? This question lingers as you soon launch into a fandom depression again.

Stage 4: Stalking


But wait… maybe there is still hope. You face your screen, and type in the keywords that only a professional fanboy/fangirl would know. It’s in your blood, plus you have done this before. It’s just a hiatus, right? I mean they must be bound to reunite soon. What has every member been up to? Is the director still convincing a network to pick up the anime/tv show to continue airing the second season? Does he plan to work on a movie soon? A director work even? I MEAN FOR GOODNESS SAKES, THE FANDOM WILL TAKE WHAT IT WILL GET.

Stage 5: Accepting

giphy (4)

After getting your fill from stalking, you have gathered enough information to stay stable. You accept the fact that maybe your favorite boy band may come back if they have finally settled, and if they don’t you can always hunt them down and listen to their old songs. There are plans for a reboot, a relaunch, or a re-airing, so you have to catch that one soon. They have their own lives, and you accept the fact that as things come and go, you are still a member of the fandom no matter what. But just in case, you keep tabs on their Twitter account and that notification on Youtube.


A little backstory: This has been partially triggered by The Wanted, a British band that I used to listen to when I was a freshman in high school. Also influenced by the endless rewatching of Friends and Hetalia. Haha.

So what fandoms have made you experience this? Let’s chat in the comments.