Character Christmas List Tag


School’s out. Let’s scream and shout. And finally, we could read books all day long! OH HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Tis’ the season to be merry and jolly. This is the Character Christmas List Tag, a blog collaboration with Anthony from A Very Awkward Blog. The mechanics of this tag are simple: Select 10 characters dear to your heart. If could give them presents, what will it be?

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Onto the tag we go!

(Anthony’s answers are in blue and mine is in violet.)

Charlie from The Perks of Being A Wallflower


As you all know… or if I’m not making it obvious enough, Charlie is my all-time favorite book character next to Hermione Granger. If there is one thing that I want to give to Charlie, it’s the gift of friendship. Psyched. I’ll spoil Charlie for Christmas. I’ll give him a keyboard, a notepad, a board and sticky notes. So that he will continue to be organized and write that book about “The Slut and the Falcon”. <- This books stars Sam and Patrick. They solve crimes.

I just love that guy. I want to get him a paid subscription to make a blog. I want him to call it ‘Dear Friend’. His posts would be the best.

Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother


Gee… How would I even know what to get for Barney? He practically has everything. Oh but wait. I wonder if ol’ man Stinson would like an updated Get Psyched mix? Or… a diamond-crusted tie? Or… a Ted Mosby artifact? There’s no stopping the Barnacle! What do I even get you my good Sir?

That one’s a total no brainer. SUITS OF COURSE!

Cather from Fangirl

Cath is my goddess. She is the ultimate of the ultimate fangirls, because she is practically everyone’s favorite fangirl. If it were up to me, I’d love to give Cath bookish tote bags and some bookmarks of Baz and Simon. Carry on, Cath! Carry On ❤

Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock


I’m thinking of giving John Watson. You know, I’ll just wrap John and wait… whoops. JohnLock feels coming. Don’t mind me.

Joey Tribianni from Friends


No, you are not in the right mind if you’re thinking on giving Joey a year’s worth of food (namely pizza) because trust me, you’re going to be broke just hours later. It’s just me, I guess, but Joey comes off to me as a sock person. He’s still a kid at heart, and imagine what he’ll do with those sock puppets?

Greg from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


I want to give Greg some DVD’s and CD’s of my favorite movies. I know that he probably has watched it already, being a film major and all. But if he wants to swap with me, I would die of happiness. Because I really want to watch Aguirre since I saw that it was a legit movie.

Penny from The Big Bang Theory


Yes, this one.

Do you guys remember Phoebe Buffay’s fur coat on Friends? Well I figured since Phoebe doesn’t want it (or rather, is against it), the coat should be given to Penny. I mean, what better way to feel the holidays if Penny could strut around the apartment building driving Sheldon crazy because it might have some old disease? Just perfect.

Who doesn’t love Penny?! I want to give her a guide for all the fandoms the boys like. I know no guide could ever cover everything, but it’s better than her current ignorance.

Also, I want her to finally have her big break. She has to get a major role somewhere.

Regina George from Mean Girls


Was it weird that when we were Christmas shopping, all I could think of was Regina George? Granted, I was in a fabulous store that was full of items that were to die for. I had to restrain myself from getting all the sweaters because I know that I could only use those efficiently during the holidays until mid-March. Now there was this pink sweater there that just speaks Regina George because it was oh-so gorgeous. So I would gladly give her that. You guys, it’s the holidays. Even Mean Girls are friendly during the holidays 😀

A Swedish snack bar that makes people fat. DIE BITCH DIE

Just kidding. Love you Regie.

Tris from Divergent


I would probably give Tris a pretty pin. And a mirror. Not that I want her to be vain, but seeing her happy with those certain items is as big enough as a Christmas miracle.

That girl seriously needs some yoga courses. I’ll also give her a huge pinch because SHE’S STUPID ugh.

Hagrid from Harry Potter


If Hagrid still does not have that extended copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander, I will be losing my mind. I’m getting him ten copies.

HAGGER! He gets a dragon egg. Also, giant-sized chia pets. He’d have so much fun with those.

Hope you guys enjoyed our little collab. More fun happenings throughout the holidays to all of us. And since this is a tag, here are some of the awesome bloggers that I am tagging.

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Just link us up down in the comments below. Holiday love to all! ❤