ARC Review: If The Dress Fits

Before Reading:

Since when have I turned down the chances of reading a Carla de Guzman book? Let’s say, never. (Well actually, once. But the reason behind that was because I badly wanted to interview her. Do you get me? I hope you do.) I was ridiculously anxious when she announced about this book, because the cover is gorgeous! Is it even possible to make grabby hands mentally? I think so, yep. And then, late at night while scrolling through Twitter,

Good news: There was an opportunity for me to read it.

Bad news: It was the most hectic week of my life so far.

I still signed up to read it. Because like I said, I never miss chances like this. Oh the things I would do for a favorite author, haha.



Title: If The Dress Fits

Author: Carla de Guzman

Genre: Adult, Romance

Date Published: 15th of October 2016

Series: None

Publisher: Midnight Books

Source: eARC, provided by the author


Martha Aguas kind of has it all–she’s an accountant who loves numbers, an accident-prone puppy that loves her, and the perfect wardrobe.

Yes, she wears a dress size 24, her bras don’t fit and she’s never had a boyfriend, but so what?

It becomes a big deal when her perfect cousin Regina announces her engagement to Enzo, the only boy she’s ever loved (he doesn’t know, so don’t tell him!) Suddenly Aguases from all corners of the globe are coming for the event, and the last thing Martha wants is to be asked why she still prefers her lattes with a waffle on the side.

Thank god for Max. Goofy, funny, dependable Max, who finds himself playing the fake boyfriend at the family festivities. But why does it feel like only one of them is pretending?

After Reading:

You might have guessed that I have actually read it since you are reading my review after all. How did I manage to pull it off, you ask? I read during breaks, when I felt like my workload lightened up just a little bit, and also on the jeepney rides on my way home. But the real MVP was the stressful day before I finished this book. I slept early, and then I read the rest of the book (around 40% if I recall my progress) the morning after. ALL. IN. ONE. SITTING. Because that is how good this book is.


I received an eARC for review of this book from Ms. Carla herself. Please know that this is an honest review and all the thoughts and opinions that I have for this book are all mine.

Is it possible to feel all the feels? For some reason, I have been reading a lot of books that tell me that I should love myself. And it is probably why I liked this book very much.

First, the book shines as a character-driven story. Martha is this person who seems very collective, but is actually very down to earth and is like any other person who has insecurities. Max is this cool amd calm dude who just gets how things are done. Their duo has this amazing chemistry that is somehow electrifying. Gosh, if only Max exists. Martha is such a lucky gal to have him as a best friend. If you’re running low, and you need to feel some romance, I swear just think of the fluffiness that Martha and Max has to offer. I mean if I have to be honest, even their dogs have chemistry! Is that even possible? It is quite charming, haha.

The majority of the characters are within the Aguas clan, each one with their own quirk and funny side. I love how the family dynamic was embedded in this story because it was expanded up to the extended family, branching to Martha’s aunts, cousin, and lola. What shines in the story, besides the kilig moments, was the relationship between Martha and her cousin, Regina. We all have those wounds that never heal, and sometimes it opens up again when we see the person who caused it. That aspect of their relationship was really heart warming and it is also a good notion that there is nothing bad with being honest to oneself and to the family.

Second, I have to commend the author for her lovely writing. When this book is not giving me the feels, it makes me very hungry. And I mean that as a compliment! The writing style is as unique as ever, and it will really draw you into the story. I can’t help but to laugh out loud when Martha is in quite an awkward situation with her food or literally anything else. There’s humor and fun in it, but there is also seriousness since it also tackles a topic such as body shaming. There’s wittiness in conveying that topic in this book, as it is subtle yet the message is there. Throw in the mix of romance and every emotion, and you get to ride this rollercoaster of feels.

And third, I cannot put emphasis enough on how I was moved and how much I have swooned over the romance in this story. Color me a hopeless romantic, but this is one of those books that make me feel that love is literally everywhere. In short, pag hindi ka kinilig sa kacute-tan ni Martha at Max, i-assume ko na baka bato ka. Joke.

(English translation: If you don’t feel anything when it comes to Martha and Max’s cuteness, I will presume that you are a rock.)

Pick this book up and you will know what I am talking about, ladies and gents. It is such a lovely read, (and take it from someone who was stressed while reading it) and it will definitely take you away to a land where feels fly free.


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Alright! I neeed someone to talk to about feels. Are you dying to read If The Dress Fits? Comment below!

P.S. Max looks like someone I know IRL. Guess who’s still swooning?