Rating System

Hey there! As you may have noticed, I have an unconventional method of rating my books. I started doing this because I noticed that the books that I usually rate low gets a whole lot of beef from me. Same with the books that I truly loved. Generally, my Goodreads rating is almost the same as my rating on this blog. I usually let myself think for a few minutes so that whatever messy feelings are mushed inside me can be me made into a cohesive review. That being said, this rating system is actually really simple. Here’s a simple walkthrough to help you:


– basically a new addition to my favorite books of all time

– you cannot make me shut up about its existence

– usually it’s so good that I cannot let it be constrained within the barriers of a standard 5-star scale.


it’s still on that boundary of “maybe I could rate it a five” or “it’s not a 4, but not a 5 either”

– still an excellent book that I won’t shut up about for a while

– there are some factors that made me not bump up the rating

– it’s a “maybe I will save it from a fire” book.


generally a great book

– sure it has some flaws but it was great overall

– there are some elements that irk me but I am willing to sideline those because it was fantastic overall anyways


a good book but may be forgotten when the time comes

– nice, but the general experience reading was not exactly pleasant

– maybe it’s a bit hard to get into the story, the writing is not my style, or the characters were being slightly annoying

– the book is in limbo because I just don’t know what to feel about it


it was generally okay, but it was sort off meh?

– 3/5 elements were good enough to keep me reading, but once I’m done reading, it’s okay to move on to a better read;

– a “maybe it’s just not for me at the moment but I know others will like it” sort of book.


basically, I’m being generous

– there were some aspects that were nice

– generally irked by the story overall

– characters annoyed/disappointed me too much

– maybe you’ll like it, but it’s REALLY not for me

– probable saving grace is the writing style.


honestly why did I waste my time reading this

– this is just ridiculously bad

– I can’t even

– so umm… quick question: is this book really serious?


– this book belongs in the trash

– the writing probably saved this one which is why I’m still gracious with that adding that .5

– congratulations, I got through reading you

– but you deserve to be in the trash

– I will probably loathe this book forever.


– probably and maybe a DNF

– also probably finished but this book deserves to burned at the stake

– I’m not even sorry

– don’t let it go near me again

– please just don’t

– literally where is the holy water so I can save myself from gouging my eyes out

And there you have it. See? Simple enough. 🙂