The Ultimate Quarterly Wrap-Up (January-March 2017)

I can only tell you that life is unpredictable. But here I am, and I'm rolling over stuff like a cinnamon roll. How long has it been since I posted a wrap-up? I have not posted one since... oh god who knows? Eh. Who cares anyways? As long as I am happy with books, and … Continue reading The Ultimate Quarterly Wrap-Up (January-March 2017)


Suicide Squad: Yay or Nay?

I am not mad. I am just disappointed. Next to Deadpool, this movie was one of the few that I was anticipating for 2016.  I would not say that it was a lucky shot, but if you catch a film on the first day of the release, it is something to boast about. And then … Continue reading Suicide Squad: Yay or Nay?