About the Fangirl


Hi. My name is Bianca and welcome to my blog. I usually talk about books, films, and TV shows but I also fangirl a lot. Hope you enjoy my insights and welcome aboard the crazy parade.

Now here are some of the things you should probably know:

  1. I am from the Philippines. Not a Fil-Am either because the last time I checked, I’m pretty sure my great-great grandmother was a poor Spanish lady.
  2. I am currently in my 4th year of college, taking up something that has to do with animation and computers.
  3. I can literally fangirl on just about anything I find worthy of my time.
  4. My web address notoriousLaylow came from a Pesterchum handle that I made up while I was fangirling over Homestuck. (It’s a webcomic. You should read it. I linked it if you want to check it out.)
  5. Books are my drugs. Anime gives me life. My ships will be the death of me.



Thanks for taking a keen interest on who runs this blog. It means a lot to me. ❤



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