About the Fangirl


Hi. My name is Bianca and welcome to my blog. I usually talk about books here on my little nook, but there’s tidbits of my thoughts on my recent shenanigans with TV shows, movies, and music. Hope you enjoy my insights and welcome aboard the fun parade.

Now here are some of the things you should probably know:

  1. I am from the Philippines. Not a Fil-Am either because the last time I checked, I’m pretty sure my great-great grandmother was a poor Spanish lady.
  2. I majored in Information Technology for college. Not telling you my full specialization though but it has something to do with animation and computers in general.
  3. My web address notoriousLaylow came from a Pesterchum handle that I made up while I was fangirling over Homestuck. (It’s a webcomic. You should read it. I linked it if you want to check it out.)
  4. Books are my drugs. Anime gives me life. My ships will be the death of me. Basically it means that I can fangirl on anything I deem worthy of my time. Then again, I’m trash as long as it’s good.


I always do my best to interact with y’all in the comments but you can also find me on the following sites:







Thanks for taking a keen interest on who runs this blog. It means a lot to me. ❤

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