Dream Crate? Dream Crate.


Guess who is a giddy fangirl? Of course, it has to be me. And why in the world would I be giddy? “You just came out of a ridiculous hiatus!” I know. But hey, if Loot Crate asked you something out of the blue one fine day, would you not be giddy?

It just so happened that the geek and gaming subscription crate, Loot Crate, has asked this particular question: If I were to create my own Dream Crate, what items would be in it?

Alright, back story time. I was actually in a dilemma when I first thought of a box that I wanted. What do I do? I have so many fandoms and I can’t cram that all in one box. And then I muttered, “Dream… Dream…” Then I had this huge Ryan Higa moment where I just randomly connect stuff. I kid you not, this was my daydream during class. “I usually dream at night, and when it’s a good night, we can usually see stars. Stars are located way up in space. And we are basically living in a galaxy. Hey, galaxy nails would look great on me. But wait, in a galaxy far, far, away…” And then I started thinking of Star Wars and explosions. “And in the spirit of Star Wars, there’s Illuminae. Hey, I may not look like it but I have been wanting to get my hands on that Evie Seo Illuminae mug. That would be really nice to use if I ever wanted to drink hot cocoa on a rainy day. How to read books and drink at the same time with a mug is a mystery that I will never solve. Speaking of mysteries, that show Stranger Things is so in right now…”

And that, fangirls and fanboys, is the story on how I landed on the Sci-Fi route for my Dream Crate. Now let’s get to the lovely items that I would have placed inside it.

Presenting the Ultimate Sci-Fi box.

Plushies | Mug | T-Shirt | Socks | Scarf | Book | Necklace | Poster

Stranger Things Character Plushies

Fear not, during my hiatus I finished watching Stranger Things. That show was insane. And I am so glad that I jumped on the bandwagon! I loved all of the crazy things that happened on that show. Basically, Eleven is now my second spirit animal next to Chandler Bing (Chan Chan man needs a mention because why not?). And the characters in plushie form are just adorable! They even have Barb! Fans of the show would understand my ridiculous feelings for Barb. I’m not going to say much about Stranger Things because that show deserves a post of it’s own.

Illuminae Mug

Illuminae is a great book to start with if you want an out-of-this-world reading experience. It has a unique format consisted of files, video descriptions, IMs, and all sorts of details. I could say that it is one of the best sci-fi books out there. And when I was reading Illuminae, this one quote by AIDAN (the artificial intelligence) made me really jumpy: Am I not merciful? Legit chills went down my spine when it uttered those words. I imagined it similar to Hal 2000. Anyways, Illuminae fits perfectly.

The Big Bang Theory Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock T-Shirt

Huge surprise, yes. I don’t talk about how I’m a fan of the show. But I’m in a huge slump, so I haven’t caught up with all of their shenanigans yet. Yet, the show has this witty feel to it. I want to honor the nerds that made me feel like I know their stuff. I may not be a huge Star Trek fan, but I do believe that the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock is the best game ever invented (even though it all ends in a tie because everyone prefers to choose Spock.) It would be nice to have this one and display how the game works. Haha.

Guardians of the Galaxy Socks

Yeah, big woop. Who doesn’t love Marvel? Granted, I’m more of a DC fangirl but Marvel has a soft spot in my heart. And speaking of which, these Guardians of the Galaxy socks are beyond cute to be resisted. That movie is just the bomb, and I really admire Marvel for taking a risk with their story. And Guardians of the Galaxy is the type of movie that can give you comfort with their space adventures. Basically like the cute socks. More Star Lord, Groot, Gamora, Drax and Rocket Raccoon please.

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Scarf

I badly want to watch this show. I haven’t pushed myself to watch it, but I sure have gotten myself to like memorabilia from this show. I didn’t choose from the latest Doctors (even though it will be David Tennant or Matt Smith who will have the power to make my heart explode). Instead, I chose the iconic scarf of the 4th Doctor. See, even if Doctor Who started out way back, I want to watch it from the beginning, hence my odd fascination with the scarf. Also, I feel like classic Whovians will know the scarf pretty well.

Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs

I think this one can explain itself. Of course, every fangirl should have a guide to navigate the fangirl galaxy. This book is heaven-sent, and every fangirl (fanboy, even) should have this guide. Although, it’s pretty self-explanatory to circumnavigate through different fandoms. But still, a need.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Necklace

If you have watched the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, then you do know what happened right? But yes, in loving memory, it is a must to keep the Millennium Falcon close to the heart. Hence, the necklace. It’s an icon for the different generations, and if you think of Star Wars, this magnificent vehicle is one of the first things that come into mind.

The Lunar Chronicles Wallpaper Quote

And last but definitely not the least, what happens if you retell your fairytales with a hint of sci-fi? That’s right, you get The Lunar Chronicles. One of the best retellings there is, the series quickly rose to fame because of its uniqueness. More people need to know about the awesomeness of The Lunar Chronicles. It contains badass characters, and it is just the coolest thing ever. Plus, the poster is too cool to pass up.

Want to know more about Loot Crate? Connect with them on social media and check out their amazing subscription box! I bet you that their crates will knock your socks off. *winks*

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So what would you guys include in your own dream crate? Let’s talk about it!


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