#FBCYA Recap: Six of Crows


Where do I begin? Not only is this post overdue, but it is about time that I recap the awesomeness that is the Fanboy Book Club chats that we have on twitter. Since the book club started, we hold twitter chats every month for each book of the month. We never miss a month where we do not talk about the book of the month. That is how dedicated we are for this book club. For the month of July, we did a Twitter chat for Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

Now during the chat, I was so busy retweeting and liking the tweets of those who joined that I forgot to answer my own Q’s! Now I have the chance to answer the questions thanks to this recap, yay! Onto the recap!

Q1. Introduce yourself with your name, blog and other social media accounts! #FBCYA

  • Hi! My name is Bianca and I blog over at The Ultimate Fangirl on notoriouslaylow.wordpress.com. So great to be here!

Q2. What is your current read? #FBCYA

  • I am currently reading Six of Crows and I am gosh darn excited that I don’t know what’s happening.

Q3. If you could go back in time, who would you save from a dangerous situation? Think history. #FBCYA

  • My baby Newt. (In history’s case, Alexander Hamilton and Andres Bonifacio)

Q4. Who would you invite to come to the Crow Club? Tag them! #FBCYA

  • Everyone! As long as you guys buy your own drinks. Haha

Q5. In a heist, what would be your role? (Ex. Leader, Right hand man, Healer) #FBCYA

  • I will be the one who gets all the resources!

Q6. Who are some of your favorite fantasy OTP’s? #FBCYA

  • Oh definitely Kaz and Inej, Cinder and Kai, Celaena and Chaol (DON’T SPOIL ME GOSH DARN IT HAHAHA)

Q8. What are your thoughts on books that don’t have “the chosen one” theme? #FBCYA

  • I personally think that it’s an overused trope, but it depends on the story on how it will carry it.

Q9. Recommend some of your favorite fantasy books using three words. #FBCYA

  • Stab stab stab jk

Q10.  If you have read Six of Crows, why should everyone read it? If you have not, will you check it out soon? #FBCYA

  • Reading it, loving it… and it’s the best thing ever.


  • I know I am!

There you go guys! Technically, that is only a gist of what we do for the Fanboy Book Club. And I swear, this is one of the monthly twitter chats that you would not want to miss. I should do these recaps more often. 😉

Interested in joining the Fanboy Book Club? Visit our page here, or click the button on my blog’s sidebar, or click the FBCYA menu above!


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