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Welcome to another stop of the We Go Together Blog Tour hosted by the Bookish Diaries Book Tours. Here we are. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of this wonderful blog tour.

I guess it was a lucky strike. I love reading books by Carla de Guzman, but I was dying to ask her questions. Then this blog tour came along and I went on fangirl mode. Soon enough, I will be able to read all of Carla de Guzman’s books. Here’s the fun part: I finally got to interview her and I got to ask how she does it.


WGTTitle: We Go Together

Author: Carla de Guzman

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Date Published: 9th of January 2015

Series: None

Publisher: Midnight Books

Rating: 3.00/5 on Goodreads

Buy it on: Amazon


What happened to Beatrice and Benedick? They used to be in love. They used to be together. But something got in the way and its turned them into angry, bitter rivals that can’t get along, much less work together on a project that could change everything for Bea and Claudia’s little paper company.

Bea isn’t going to let Ben ruin her mood. Ben isn’t backing down from Bea’s barbs without a fight. But why is Claudia telling Hiro that Bea is head-over-heels in love with Ben? Why is Hiro convinced that Ben is in love with Bea?

Set in Washington DC, this book is a modern adaptation of WIlliam Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.



Author, occasional illustrator, full-time traveler.

Employee by day and writer by night, she has a blog that serves as her free space to post things about her travels and her adventures as a self-published author. She is a proud part of #romanceclass and loves supporting Filipino authors and artists.

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Interview with Carla de Guzman

Q: Do you have a writing ritual? Something you do before you write?

A: Not really! Haha. I write stories when I get inspired, and when I get inspired, I just go, go go! It’s useful to get all my ideas out while they’re there, and then edit later. That’s how I end up writing in weird places—the car, the bathroom, in line. When it hits, it hits hard. My life is very hard to create schedules around, so being able to write from anywhere has been my thing.

Q: That’s so amazing! Do you have any literary idols?

A: Ahhh, that’s a long, loooong list. I admire Sarah Addison Allen’s creativity and lovely prose. I love reading Samantha Sotto’s Before Ever After. Locally, I one-click Agay Llanera, Chrissie Peria and Bianca Mori!

Q: I have to take note of those names. Have you always wanted to write something inspired by Shakespeare?

A: Yes! One of my secret dreams is to actually teach people to fall in love with his works the way I did, because it’s actually fun and digestible.

Q: Same here! What made you decide to dabble with Shakespeare’s Much Ado Nothing?

A: I watched the play version with David Tennant and Catherine Tate! They’re really good actors who played up the comedy so well and the drama so beautifully. They just made the words come alive. Then I watched it maybe five more times.

What kind of love would it be if it crumbled to pieces over one accusation_ If it doesn't endure, then what's the point_

Q: Aside from writing and traveling, what else keeps you busy?

A: Right now, I’m trying to re-learn how to watercolor, which is a wonderful distraction for when I’m stuck writing. I could sit in my room and do it for hours!

Q: I have always wanted to ask you this since I read your novella, The Lady in Pink. What magical powers do you have to uniquely capture the places featured in your works?

A: Thanks for reading The Lady in Pink! I’m working on re-writing that right now. Hahaha. But I think it helps that I obsess over little things when I travel. I like taking a lot of photos and writing things in my travel journal just to remember the little details and quirks that make each city unique.

Q: Could you impart some wisdom to aspiring writers?

A: I’m going to borrow a line from Emma Thompson, who plays a spectacular Beatrice in the movie version of the play.

“Just write. It doesn’t matter what you write. Just sit at that desk and write.”

Now for the giveaway, please click below.


That’s it for my stop of the tour. It was so fun to interview one of my favorite authors.  Thank  you so much to the Bookish Diaries Book Tours for giving me the chance to interview Ms. Carla ❤

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