Fangirl Corner: ARCS? Chill.


I noticed recently that there is a lot of stuff going on involving ARCs. In case you’re relatively new, an ARC stands for an Advanced Reader’s Copy. Meaning: It is the book before it gets released. There is a hype about ARCs, especially if it is surrounded by HYPE. Too much hype and all of that stuff. Meanwhile, this fangirl here is quite chill about it. Why so?

Let me explain how it goes down with ARCs:

  1. Since it is an Advanced Reader’s Copy, not everyone can have it. So it is practically like The Hunger Games. Publishers choose who gets the ARCs and who does not. They have to be picky, because:Β a) Not every single one of those who are given/granted the ARC reads it right away.Β b) Not every single oneΒ of those who are given/granted the ARC will add to the hype about that ARC. Some will dislike it because not every book pleases everyone.
  2. ARCs play a vital role when it comes to promoting the book. Which is why I have already used the word “hype” a lot because the ARCs cause the hype. If there’s hype, more people will be intrigued to read the book.
  3. Since not everyone gets ARCs, pangs of jealousy blossoms into other blogger’s hearts. If one blogger gets it and some don’t, they will not be okay because they know that they want that ARC so bad.
  4. ARCs give your blog a certain credibility, meaning that your blog can be noticed by other publishers. Hence, more ARCs for you.
  5. You get to spread the hype and build it up. Fun, if you liked the book. Depressing, if you didn’t like it.

So why am I relatively chill about this?

  1. I am a neurotic reader. If I sign-up on receiving ARCs, I cannot promise to get to it right away. They will probably pile up. But, the thing about me is that I will read it. Because I read 3-5 books a month. Yet, it will kill me if I don’t read before it’s released.
  2. Balancing studies, reading and blogging is hard enough. I mean, don’t get me wrong here. I love all of those things. But if one of those three puts me off, I go on a hiatus.
  3. ARCs eventually hit the shelves. If you guys live in the US, UK, or Australia, then lucky you. At least the books get there. Here in the Philippines on the other hand, you have to cross your fingers for the book to magically appear on your local bookstore. You also have to cross your fingers to have some money. And if you don’t have money, you have to cross your fingers for the book to be there once you have money. And yes, I am cool with it. Why? Because I make sure that I always do the first thing I mentioned. Savvy with money bookworms always have power in bookstores. Keep that in mind πŸ˜‰
  4. It’s not a finished copy. Circa not-blogging-yet, I’ve always thought that there were no such things as ARCs. I thought there were only editor checks, third and fourth rechecks, and BOOM. You get a book. Then, I entered the book blogosphere and saw that people are getting books before they are released. So my attitude was like, “How do I get one?”. But as time passed, I realized that I’d rather have a finished copy. That way, I could support the authors by buying their books.
  5. I can still review a book after it comes out. And it will still give readers a sense of how much I liked or disliked what I read.

Why people should be chill about it will also have an effect on the system. Because people need to calm down first to think straight. I’m chill. It’s rare for a fangirl to be chill, but the topic about ARCs just make go “meh”. ARCs come by and go. So before you go get that ARC, ask yourself. Do you really want to read the book?

For the record, I have received ARCs. I have a NetGalley account and I also request ARCs there. But I only request what I can read. I haven’t received any ARCs in physical form, other than a loot that I won in a giveaway. And I’m entirely grateful for it.

I also don’t have anything against people who receive a lot of ARCs, because they worked really hard to get to the point where publishers trust them enough to let them know their take on the ARCs they receive.

That’s just me. What’s your take on this? I would love to hear from you.

(I just made a discussion post. Self-five.)


20 thoughts on “Fangirl Corner: ARCS? Chill.

  1. I didn’t know about arcs either… until I got a Twitter and followed a lot of bookish people (that’s what I call the people of the book community). At first I was really jealous but recently I have figured out that I don’t like reading books because they are new (Passenger, Carry On, etc.). If I got an arc I would probably put it off till the very last minute or begin reading it and stop because I would rather watch Netflix than read a book that I don’t feel like reading. I’m happy for the people who get arcs but I don’t think they could be for me.

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  2. Great post, Bianca! I love how chill you are about this topic when there are others who literally have no chill. Anyway, here’s to a much blessed 2016 in book blogging! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! ❀ *blushies*
      Yes, ARCs give a certain responsibility to it's receiver. It's like how they say it in Spider-Man. The power is having the ARC, and the responsibility is to let people know what you think about it in a limited time frame.


  3. This post is perfect. I understand why some bloggers FREAK over certain ARCs but honestly, if it’s a book I know I’ll read I’m still going to buy it when it gets out so I don’t really care if I get the ARC.

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  4. Now how I do my discussion post about ARCs?! haha It’s a great post and I agree with you. I’m planning to do something similar but I’m going to tell my experience with ARCs and all that stuff πŸ˜€

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  5. Haha, great discussion post! I totally agree with why you are ‘chill’ about ARCs. I haven’t received any during my blogging months, but I think I am okay with that because if I were to receive ARCs, I’d feel obligated to read it right away even if I didn’t want to. So, that’s just adding more stress to reading, where stress really shouldn’t be, lol. I also have a Netgalley account but I haven’t been using it as often as I used to. But yes, it’s still cool to see others receiving those editions & like you said it does add more credibility & attention to your blog. πŸ™‚

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

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