Fanboy Book Club Sign-Up

Wait. You may be thinking. Why is a fangirl making a fanboy book club? That, my friends needs its own backstory. I have been keeping this in my back pocket since… Well since I started blogging, actually. If you guys have not noticed it, I only post reviews with male leads. Or rather, books with males that leave significant marks on their readers. I also have a draft that discuss the significance of male YA books, yet I never got the chance to express it in full detail. Then one day while I was working on a project for our Web Design class, it dawned on me that I can further express myself if I would establish a club that focuses on reading and spreading the love for books with male leads. And thus, the Fanboy Book Club was born.

So what is this book club?

This book club is dedicated into reading young adult novels that mainly features male leads. It can also be a book where the male lead steals the spotlight and is somewhat at par with a female protagonist. Any kind and any form. It is open to discuss anything related to them. It also holds read-a-thons and feature different authors every month. The limits are endless. Do you think you can handle it?

My love for male YA inspired me to create this book club. I know that I am not the only person who loves it. Which is why for 2016, I want to feature books that do not only highlight the guys in their stories, but the authors as well. Also, just because the name is “Fanboy” does not mean that fangirls are not allowed. It is called Fanboy to encourage more male readers as well. The book club is also an awesome way to meet new friends and authors, too.

Here’s a sneak peek on some of the books we would talk about:



There are so many books out there that feature strong male leads, and I want to reach out to those books. Now if you’re a reader, and you love male YA just like me, I hope you find the time to join this new book club. And I promise you, it will be a lot of fun.

Sign-up here:



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