Rainy Day Thoughts #4: On Harassment

Rainy Day Day

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted anything for a while now. The reasons are as stated below:

First, I made it look like I was going through finals. But what I meant by that is that finals is already brewing, and I don’t want to lose my scholarship again. I studied pretty hard even though my exams were not for another week. And we were also bombarded by projects.

Second, I am preparing for my birthday. It was crazy, actually. Turning 18 is actually a pretty big deal, for my parents. Crazy thing is, we spent two weeks cleaning the house just welcome my friends on my birthday.

And third, while the first and second things were happening, I was apparently being harassed.

I would not tell you why I was being harassed, but I would tell you this: hell is an understatement.

I wanted to be swallowed as a whole because it wouldn’t stop. It happened on social media, on which the person will send me unwanted messages that scare the hell out of me when I received it. Then, the person started calling me through my private phone number and the person texted my mom as well. It was so scary because I lived in fear of the person suddenly appearing in front of my doorstep, asking me for what I don’t have and will barely have. I felt scared and I did not know what to do. I felt helpless and alone, because no one could probably help me with what I’m going through.

I finally told my mom about the whole thing and it was from her that I knew that is was harassment. I am still in the process of figuring it out but I felt a big thorn was plucked out of my chest and I felt free. I have my family and friends on my side. I thought that it was a battle fought by one, but little did I know that I needed allies. It was the moment that I felt that I was not alone.

Now, I can focus on #1 and #2. I can finally sleep with peace, knowing that no one will take all of the means to get to me. And because I have the people I love surrounding me.

If ever you feel the same way, I hope you remember this rainy day post and I hope you remember me. I will always be here for you and we will get through with this. I advice you tell your parents sooner, before it gets worse. Tell your friends and they will be there for you. I promise you are not alone in this battle and gaining allies will help you conquer the beast.

With that said, I will probably disappear again until I will have to post a mandatory birthday post. I’m still here though but,



10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Thoughts #4: On Harassment

  1. I am so sorry, that must have been really scary and I hope it gets resolved soon.

    And additionally, an (early?) happy birthday! 18 was really great for me and hopefully it’ll be wonderful for you too. 🙂


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