Starting My New Series

Two posts in one day wow. Boredom sure does strike a lot.

I am a hopeless romantic at heart. Deep down inside, I am just a silly girl with a slight knack for poetry. The poetry writing is something that keeps me going so I can continue on with my life. So I decided to create a poetry log in the form of a story, a story surrounded by poems about unrequited love (which can sometimes be categorized as an obsession). I was very much inspired by Lang Leav because I loved “Love & Misadventure” and “Lullabies”. But even before Lang Leav, I was already writing poems. Just snippets here and there. It just struck to me that I should probably write more.

This introduction is short but sweet. I am not related nor do I know someone named after this character but I hope she will reach out to every person out there who feels that love is one-sided. Everybody at some point feels like the love will never be reciprocated, and that is what my main character usually talks about.

Her name is Monica and she loves a boy named Sam. She cannot say what she wants to say because she is too afraid. Basically like anyone who has ever been in love. So she writes poems about it. And that’s how she expresses her love for Sam.


A poem will be posted every week (hopefully) and I hope you guys will join Monica and me. That’s all for now.

Tune in next week for the poem that will start Monica’s shenanigans.


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