Rainy Day Thoughts #1

Rainy Day Day

giphy (2)

Oh great. After inserting that gif I didn’t know what to say anymore. Because when in doubt, insert a Chandler Bing gif. Oh yeah. Right.


This is my bookshelf. Nothing much there. Just a few books and okay, I know it’s not normal because no teen who has the original Harry Potter books will say that their shelf is normal (because my mother bought all of those). It’s not complete, because I lent some of my books to a friend. But I think that this is the best way to start my blog. No one knows me yet, and heck I still don’t know anyone (I am giggling right now because a blogger just followed me on IG and I’m like ermagherd. And another blogger followed me on Twitter. OMG OMG). This picture will remind me of the humble beginnings t’was once the look of my bookshelf which is also a study table that never got fixed. Here’s to the books that don’t have a jacket. Here’s to the Twilight books that I never touched again. Shoutout to my relatives because quite frankly, you guys still owe me a Breaking Dawn. Thanks to my mother who made me love books and made me join a fandom at an early age. (5 to be exact. I convinced my tutor to make me read Harry Potter during reading lessons.) Thank you for showing me what a true fan is. (Because I was bothered then when book 7 came out and they said it was sold out right after release. My mother came home with book 7 in her bag, and I was in awe.) I will conquer this semester with a healthy lifestyle and a happy shelf, so that my mom will reward me with more and more books for me to blog about. I just can’t wait to have a book haul soon.

I actually want to give away some of the manga that I have. All still in good condition. It just struck me that I need to straight things up with these books. They are practically my life. Plus college made me fat. I need to tone down my eating habits. The pocket money, should go to books. And being an IT student, I technically don’t need textbooks. I need modules and Google.

This time around, it’s DIETING FOR BOOKS. Before I turn 18, I must have at least 15 books added on that shelf. It’s a goal I want to reach for the benefit of mankind. Kidding. But yes, it’s clear to me now.

(I just had an epitomy that the rain really makes you think.)


Now this, is a screencap of my movie folder. Underneath that folder is a hundred movies, categorized into years of their release. Categorizing them by genre is a pain. From the 1920’s until the present time, these movies shaped mankind into what we are today. I have always had this affinity with movies and age was our only barrier then. Now I can watch all those movies that they did not let me watch like the old ones. I swear, give film noir a chance. It’s like the coolest thing ever. Basically, these babies and the books that I have are the best stress relievers. And maybe this blog thingy in the future.

So… This week, I will be posting my first ever reviews: book and movie. Then by next week, I will be buying my own copy of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrewes and Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I hope to post a log even if I have classes. I WILL ALSO MAKE SURE TO ATTEND THE KIERA CASS SIGNING ♡ And if I get good grades, I will get a John Green and Rainbow Rowell pack. Dear God help me with my Physics. I NEED TO GET THOSE PACKS.


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